ARONA’s solid perfumes and colognes are made using organic beeswax, natural pure essential oils and absolutes. They are sold in stylish 7ml ECO containers and suitable for people on the go.
All our raw materials are ethically sourced.

Increased sales in the all-natural fragrance market continues to be based in the widespread trend of health and wellness lifestyles. The ever-increasing demand for healthier products is leaving retailers scrambling to provide increased availability of all-natural and organic products. Natural fragrance is a specific area of the health and wellness industry that has experienced especially exponential growth, as more people are learning about the dangers and health hazards of toxic chemicals in synthetic fragrance.

Along with a greater awareness of health and wellness has come an increased concern for the environment among consumers. Consumers are demanding that companies use less plastic, more recyclables, and more earth-friendly ingredients and packaging products. We at ARONA use Eco-friendly containers and highlight awareness of the environmentally-friendly practices that our brand is committed to.

Overall, the all-natural beauty industry is seeing some of the greatest growth possible, and research predicts that the end is nowhere in sight. Consumers are going to continue to seek out the healthiest and best all-natural products to accompany their health-conscious lifestyles and we at ARONA are committed to helping them along their way.

Nora Irwin

From a lifelong love of fragrance, instilled in her at a young age by a relative who worked for a well- known fragrance house in New York, Nora has developed ARONA.

ARONA is an Irish Premium Solid Perfume made using organic beeswax and
Pure natural essential oils. It is alcohol and synthetic free, airport and handbag friendly and comes is stylish ECO containers.

Some people love music, others adore paintings but it has always been fragrance for me. As a child I received parcels of perfume from New York
and that was the start of my lifelong passion. I grew up training my nose to
differentiate between different fragrances.

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Arona solid perfumes - designed for the modern woman and her love of luxury fragrances.