Calming Lavender – capturing the
relaxing essence of lavender at dusk.

Drawing from the age-old traditions of aromatherapy, natural perfumes are attractive for a range of reasons. As well as offering a pretty scent, they actually have the ability to improve and nurture our entire wellbeing, uplifting, calming, grounding or energising, depending on the blend you choose to wear.

By using ARONA’S pure all-natural fragrance on your skin your body will benefit from the holistic experience of mind, body and spirit.

Our innovative fragrances come in a solid state, made using organic beeswax and are designed as a compact way of making fragrance more portable, suitable for people on the go.

Arona is alcohol and synthetic free.

All- natural &

Free from
Alcohol & Synthetic

7ml container is handbag
and airport friendly.

7ml container complies
with the 100ml EU Rule when travelling hand luggage.

Solid container, leak
and spill-proof.

Can be layered to create
different Mood-enhancing fragrances

Arona solid perfumes - designed for the modern woman and her love of luxury fragrances.