Solid Conditioning Bar


Solid Conditioning Bar

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Arona fragrance-free Solid Conditioner is designed to cater to sensitive scalps and those who prefer an unscented hair care experience. This luxurious conditioner is free from artificial fragrance, providing you with a pure and gentle treatment for your hair. Experience the goodness of nature with our Eco-friendly and sustainable Solid Conditioner and unlock the secret of stunning and healthy hair, one solid step


We at ARONA are committed to the environment.
All our ingredients are ethically sourced.
We use eco-friendly containers.
Our outer packaging is made using recycled paper.

100% natural

Free from
Alcohol & Synthetic

7ml container is handbag and airport friendly.

Irish owned

Eco friendly
& sustainable

Can be layered to create
different Mood-enhancing fragrances

Arona solid perfumes - designed for the modern woman and her love of luxury fragrances.