ARONA Natural Fragrances

ARONA Natural Fragrances

Based in the seaside town of Youghal I am the creative designer behind this new Irish perfume brand, ARONA.
ARONA is an Irish Premium Solid Perfume brand. It is made using organic beeswax and pure
natural essential oils. All my fragrances are inspired by nature. Our perfumes come in three modern fragrances.

Delicate Rose – capturing the warmth of a hazy late summer’s evening.
Fresh Citrus – capturing a vibrant and vivid haven of oranges and grapefruits.
Calming Lavender – capturing the relaxing essence of lavender at dusk.

I have always had a passion for fragrance and went to London to study the ‘arts’ of fragrances and how they uplift our day.
Combined with my interest in nature and my commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly products, a seed of a business idea was planted and has been growing ever since.

As a children my sister and I were surrounded by amazing perfumes, we had a relative who
worked as a formulator of perfume in New York and sent us parcels on a regular basis. I grew
up training my nose to differentiate between all the different fragrances.

The Arona solid perfume collection will launch at Showcase 2020 to the National and International gift and skincare market.

Arona is made using organic beeswax and pure natural essential oils. It is alcohol and synthetic free
and is solid. I have created my fragrances in solid format to make them more portable and adaptable as they will not leak or spill. This Cork solid perfume can simply be applied to the pulse points on the wrist and neck, creating a fragrance that is both a joy to wear and easy to apply. ARONA is airport and handbag friendly making it particularly suitable for people on the go.

Sustainability is the key pillar for my new business therefore we at ARONA use stylish eco-containers and recycled paper to highlight the environmentally friendly practices our brand is committed to.
ARONA fragrances are formulated, tried, and sampled in my home to capture their unique essences.

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Arona solid perfumes - designed for the modern woman and her love of luxury fragrances.